Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tables Turned

There was a strange feeling in the Holt Press house tonight. In a significant role reversal, I was at home, watching the footy instead of driving a taxi while Mrs Holt Press was behind the wheel of the Eagle-Boys-Mobile delivering pizzas to the hungry hordes of Busselton. She and Favourite Daughter are both doing pizza delivery and both seem to enjoy it. There's an on-going contest to see who gets the most tips.
Sometime you should ask FD about her recent experience of delivering a stray garlic bread! We were in stitches as she recounted the details.

All night I was regretting that I had tipped StKilda to beat the Bulldogs, until the last 5 minutes that is! After trailing all night and kicking a paltry 4 goals for the first 90 minutes of the game, the Saints stormed home to kick three in the last 5 mins and pinch the game! The Bulldogs players and fans were understandably gutted. I would not have wanted to face Rodney Eade after the game!

Favourite Daughter and I had fun this afternoon with some artistic expression. We installed the second of what I hope will end up being a large number of decorated trees, this time with old cds and dvds. You may remember the bottle tree that Sport Boy and I decorated a few months ago. I have a vision for a whole series of trees around Busso becoming living canvasses. Today's tree is on the bus route that I drive the kids to school along every day so I'm looking forward to their reaction when they see it. I'm also hoping to get hold of a longer ladder and extended this particular "work of art" further vertically.

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