Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She'll Be Back

Mrs Holt Press is coming home! On Saturday. She's been away for three weeks already so I know everyone will be glad when she gets back. I think Favourite Daughter has had about enough of being the only woman in the house! Her Dad's condition has improved a bit the last couple of days, partly because of the involvement of a different doctor. Mrs HP is none too impressed with the hospital or the regular doctor which has been frustrating for her and her Dad.

Footy umpiring went well on Sunday except that I tweaked my calf muscle again. The game was at Donnybrook against Harvey-Brunswick. It was nice to receive compliments and handshakes from several players as we came off the ground rather than criticism and abuse! I felt satisfied with my performance although there are always times when doubt and uncertainty creep in, especially when players start having a go at you. "Did I miss something? Did I get that decision wrong? Was I really born out of wedlock?!!"

The Cornerstone Giants lost the soccer 4-2 to the Redbacks on Saturday, the only bright spot being that Sport Boy scored a very good goal. I'm questioning in my mind whether I should continue coaching the team, whether I have anything useful to give them or if they'd benefit from a change of face and style? 
Rehearsals for the play were frustrating tonight, I'm struggling to remember my lines and that is impacting on the rest of the cast. I sense a bit of annoyance amongst some of them. I can't pull out, we open in a week and a half, but I don't want to undermine the performance either. Spike was encouraging on the way home and offered to help me learn my lines which should help. He's doing well with his part and should get plenty of laughs.


Peter said...

re your umpiring.... the only point I can help with is.... no, you were not born out of wedlock.
Good to hear that Alan J is improving and that Carolyn feels able to come home.

The HoJo's said...

ha ha re para 1: Hurrah
re para 2: 1. probably not
2. probably not
3. doubt it :)
re para 3: 1. couldn't say
2. ah yes, very frustrating if you rely on the previous line to prompt you for your next line, glad you have some help with that

have fun

and when I wrote this it was all neatly justified but i suspect the comment box will scramble it all


Anonymous said...

Yep.....keep tweaking.....wont be long (about 12 months in my case) until you experience the full twang...when you do I have the number of a good physio