Saturday, October 10, 2009

The retreat finished this afternoon and was a resounding success, rave reviews all round.

Caught a lift up to Perth with Steve and Cam, good to debrief on the way, and talk footy. And other more serious topics like marriage and relationships.

I met up with Sport Boy and Favourite Daughter who had driven up early this morning in my car. We bought some dinner at Goreng Goreng in Mt Lawley then Sport Boy and I went to see Perth Glory play Adelaide United in the A-League. The first 70 minutes were pretty boring but the last 20 were flat out and exciting with Glory scoring the only goal of the game, having a player sent off and surviving a wave of attacks through brilliant goal keeping, stout defending, and downright luck.

SB and I are staying the night at Letchy's before heading home tomorrow morning, after we take Favouriter Daughter to have a look at a Kombi campervan in Parmelia.

It's been a very good day and a great week, except for Shane Mumford being traded to Sydney!

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barrandgirl said...

Second round draft pick...bargain of the century. Thanks very much. MB