Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Back

I didn't plan to go blogless for a week but computer problems and other more important issues lead to it occurring.

I had a very long shift in the cab last night and have had a bad headache for much of today. I'm feeling OK now but my body clock is out of whack. On the plus side it was the busiest night in the cab for several months so the hard work was at least profitable.
The customers varied from a couple with a 10 week old baby and a labrador whose car had broken down and needed to get to the holiday house they were staying at in Yallingup to three young women who at best could be descibed as feral! More so on the way home than on the way out.

I dragged Sport Boy out with me for a while to go garage saling where we found a few watches, a snorkel and mask, a free Dockers bag and one very grumpy proprietor who I'm sure must have charmed his customers all morning. To be fair, his ad had warned that "Early birds would be charged double"!
We ended up close to one of Sport Boy's friend's place so we "abducted" him for the afternoon, which has now stretched into a sleepover with fish and chips for tea.

I've spent the rest of the evening catching up on recorded TV, reading the paper and drawing.
And monitoring Tottenham's progress resulting in a 2-1 win away at Portsmouth.

I'm looking forward to the day of rest.

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