Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Go Cats

In case you hadn't noticed, I haven't blogged for a few days. Surprisingly the world hasn't come to a stop, the internet hasn't gone into meltdown and most people appear to be carrying on with life regardless!
I've been laying low and doing a lot of drawing. I had planned to show you the results but my pc is not cooperating with very much at the moment. My virus protection expired and even though I renewed my subscription I am having a LOT of trouble installing the update. Thus, anything that needs signing into, like Blogger, is inaccessible. I am using the laptop in the meantime. I think I'll have to get a PC geek to come and fix it but it will have to wait a few days.
I'm going on a retreat tomorrow, I'm hosting about 20 chaplains who are coming to Busselton for three days.

I've been hunting for old watches recently and I hit the jackpot at the Scouts op shop in Geelong. There were none on display but when I asked if they had any one of the ladies (above) went out the back and re-emerged with a box full of exactly what I was looking for. I bought the lot! They asked what I wanted them for and when I told them they are for a new mixed media painting I'm planning they said they'd like to see it. I haven't started it yet but in the meantime I promised to put them on my blog. So here they are. Thanks ladies.

Scott Darlow is a BIG Geelong fan too, in a previous life Scott was 1/2 Cat the Cat's mascot, so when the two of us met up at the Grand Final it was hugs and celebrations all round. He told me it was one of the greatest days of his life, on a par with the day his kids were born.

That reminds me of something I heard the other day. Unrelated but very funny. It was an Irish bloke at country week, the coaches and parents sitting around one night having a few drinks and the subject of marriage came up. "My wife and I would have divorced years ago but neither of us wants the kids"!!

Cam Mooney is one of my favourite players, he's a real barometer for the Cats. If he plays well and kicks goals we almost always win. He's had problems kicking at goal at times but he kicked two in the GF, as did Tom Hawkins who has also had accuracy issues. Everyone stood up when it counted.

Another one of my favourites is Paul Chapman, he is gutsy and tough and a real big-game player. He could easily have won the Norm Smith medal in 2007 and for that reason I put $5 on him to win it this year. He duly won the medal and I picked up $35 woohoo!

A sampling of the colour and support for the Cats in Geelong for the Grand Final. Most businesses were displaying Go Cats signs and blue and white colours and nearly everyone was wearing a Cats jumper or shirt or scarf or beanie. It is suggested that when Geelong win a game the local economy is boosted by a million dollars. Who knows how much a premiership generates but anyone selling anything blue and white was on a winner.

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