Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Changes

There's a good reason why the blog has been quiet lately (in case you were worried!).

After 16 years as a school chaplain my time in the position has come to an end. I have finished up at Busselton and am officially looking for a new job.
There have been some issues and concerns along the way over the last couple of years and a certain level of unhappiness in the job. A recent dispute with the employing body could not be resolved and thus we have parted company. It was nothing to do with the school who were disappointed with the outcome, as was I, but I am looking ahead with a positive attitude and already feel a sense of freedom as if some weight has been lifted off me. I enjoyed my time as a chaplain and have some great memories and friendships as a result but it can also be a stressful and draining job and I have found it more of a struggle recently.

I am going to New Zealand in a couple of weeks to spend a week with my good friends Paul and Vicki so I can't really get a full time job until after that, therefore I'm just looking for some casual work at the moment. I'm also going to talk to a bloke at the small business development centre shortly; I've had some ideas brewing away for a while and now is a good opportunity to do a little more thinking about it and see if anything can be translated from idea to reality.


The HoJo's said...

Best of luck, I hope this is a really positive change for you


Anonymous said...

Marcus, I'm hoping this new move will be in the direction of soft "fabrishings"...
The sense of freedom is a good sign.
Did you know that Freedom sells soft furnishings?
OK, I'll go away,

Middo said...

Hey Marcus!

Good luck with whatever is next for you. You leave big shoes to fill!

God bless you, you have done an amazing job at BSHS.

All the best!

Skip Joannes said...

Hi Marcus,
I'm proud of all the work you have done these last 16 years. I know you have fought many spiritual and literal battles. Way to go for always hanging in there. You have a great family. It's been a real delight seeing your mum these last few years. I know you will be a success in your next mission.
Love ya!
Skip J.

Anonymous said...

Ditto all the above, mum

Peter said...

From far off Qld. that came like a bolt from the blue, maybe if we were in closer contact it might not have been such a shock'
Hope you can sort something out soon.

Stuart said...

Awesome news Marcus. Looking forward to seeing the new "Holt" chapter unfold.

You're a man with many, many skills and I'm sure God has been prodding you for a while to get them in motion.

Wendy Nelson said...

Marcus, your mentorship of so many of the Chaplains will be deeply missed. I do hope that you find a great job, with truly great people to work with. We will miss you
Wendy Nelson