Thursday, January 01, 2015


Happy New Year etc etc
Last year I set an aim to post to my blog on a regular though not frequent basis. A quick examination shows that I haven't blogged here since April 2014! 
I'm not making any promises, especially ones I can't keep, but I would like to be a regular blogger again in 2015, so here goes.
It will be a year of significant change for me as I have enrolled at university and start a four year course in March which hopefully will see me qualify as a primary school teacher, just in time to retire! Maybe not. Hopefully I can teach for up to 10 years and get some decent mileage out of my belated study. I really have no idea what to expect from uni. How will I handle the workload? writing assignments? Doing pracs? Drinking large amounts of beer? and the myriad other reputed components of student life? We will see.


Peter Holt said...

Good luck with the new life... well maybe not with the beer drinking.

Phil said...

the only really essential part is drinking large amounts of beer.