Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Night

It's Sunday evening. Sport Boy has returned home safe and sound after a couple of days in Melbourne hanging out with friends and Jordy. After days of unseasonal, though not unexpected, cold wet weather it's been a lovely day, soured only by the headache I've been trying to keep at arm's length all afternoon. It probably started not long after I watched Tottenham inexplicably lose to Crystal Palace! What's the good of beating Chelsea if we turn around and lose to Palace I hear you ask? Indeed!

I've been ticking a few things off my To Do list this arvo: 

1. Select final elective for semester 1, - "Introduction to University Study". That should be handy.
2. Email the agent about the broken railing on the balcony.
3. Email St Nick (and the footy club) re. our house for sale in Busselton.
4. Revise a few listings of things I've got for sale on ebay. (sold a few cards and a badge today).
5. Print some pictures of new drivers at work for the noticeboard, (community building)

It wasn't on my list but I also completed my latest picture last night. Perhaps it is part of the reason the list has been neglected...

Just got to update my roster then it's off to bed cause I'm on early starts again this week.

I always enjoy that feeling of productiveness that comes with crossing items off my to do list, and some of these have been transferred from previous lists more than once!

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