Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sport Boy Becomes a Teenager (Tomorrow...)

I have to work on Sport Boy's birthday (starting at lunchtime) and as there are no brothers/sisters/rellies around to celebrate the occasion on the day we decided to start the birthday events a day early. This afternoon we went and played golf together. It was his first ever game and I think he has a healthy respect for the difficulties of the game now. Mrs Holt Press came along to caddie and keep us company. My back is now feeling the effects too; it was my first game in several years.

Now we are about to go out to The Mex for a birthday dinner, that being the local Mexican restaurant in case it wasn't obvious.
Tomorrow morning there'll be presents and church before I leave for work.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paul
Wishing you all the best for your first year as a teen in Victoria.
Sally, Warren and Callum

Anonymous said...

heyy paulyy, happy birthday,hope you have a great day, miss you heaps man, so does the rest of the class, no wait, the rest of Busselton, yeah anyway, happy birthday mate. :D

From; Kaitlin...

Peter said...

Happy Birthday Paul, lots of love. Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sport Boy,hope you a
are all enjoying your new surrounds.I still enjoy your blog Marcus,Aileen