Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living the Ocean Grove Life

We went for a walk along the beach after I got home from work this arvo. Mrs Holt Press Sport Boy and I. He had been off school today with a headache but the walk in the sea air reinvigorated him. We threw the (American) footy back and forth most of the way. There were plenty of people on the beach, some walking, some swimming, some surfing and a few crazy ones jogging. 
Mrs HP enjoyed it, the first time she's had a decent beach walk since we got here. We walked all the way round to the mouth of the river and back, probably 4-5km in total.
By then it was a bit late to buy food and cook dinner so after a significant amount of persuasion I succumbed to the suggestion we have fish and chips for tea.

I had an unusual and quite special experience this morning. I was at Corio Village shopping centre buying some rolls for lunch at 11am when a voice came over the PA asking everyone's attention. They then proceeded to have a Remembrance Day observance, played the last post followed by a minute's silence. I am accustomed to these events in schools but have never seen it done at a shopping centre. To my surprise there was a great response and at the given time the whole complex fell silent. Very respectful, very impressive.

Just had a text from Alex to say he's at the hospital with the Heir who fell off his skateboard and hurt his arm. Not broken apparently though we await further updates.

Talking of the WA offspring, Favourite Daughter has set off on her first big adventure in the Kombi and she and Patrick were in Broome yesterday and all was going pretty well. They did lose the keys while swimming in a gorge but managed to break into the car through the sunroof and find the spare key in order to get back on the road. Some good problem solving skills being exercised by the sound of it. They should be in Halls Creek within a day or two.

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Anonymous said...

marcu, Thanks for the great comments on our blog, that really blessed us. We were so glad to see you all in OG and hope and pray you settle in.
We too are a littles sad to be heading home, but it will be nice to see family and friends, plus we are excited about our new home with in-laws at Neerabup. Keep in touch, we love you too and believe you will keep going strong for Jesus.
Birchy and gang.