Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vic Progress Report

I got the job.

Passed the medical, the drug screen, the blood, sight and hearing tests with flying colours.

I can start as soon as we get over here. Our planned departure date from Busselton is October 4 so should be able to start work by the 11th at the latest.

Awaiting news on housing: we've applied for two houses in Ocean Grove, hopefully we'll get one of them.

Managed to change over to a Victorian driver's licence.

Couple more hoops to jump through before I'm legal but shouldn't be a problem.

All of which is better news than the footy on Friday night! We'll have to win it the hard way now.
Glad the Dockers won, for a couple of reasons!

Just caught the train up to Melbourne. Flying back to WA in 4 hours so got a little bit of time for a look around

And in some very exciting news: The editor of the Busselton Dunsborough Mail just rang to tell me that their story about the Behind the White Crosses program won the Road Safety Council Media Award at last night's award ceremony! A nice feather in the cap for BTWC. I'm hoping to do a handover of the program to some staff from Busso before I leave town and I'm also keen to see if I can develop and introduce the program over here once we move to Victoria.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Marcus. The way these things have all fallen into place would suggest that this is the right time and place for you. I wish you well.