Friday, September 17, 2010

An Omen?

I am not superstitious. 
But I did have a strange experience the other day and who am I to say it wasn't an omen of things to come?

While driving Glass Dave's ute back to his place there was a huge crash and thudding noise and I was certain someone had thrown a rock at the car.
I got out to survey the damage and was very surprised to find there was none.
Then I looked back up the street and saw a dead bird on the road with a few seagulls hovering around it as if inspecting it.
I drove back and discovered it was a magpie.
Although I never saw it, I'm sure it was the magpie that had crashed into the ute causing the loud bang. I suspect that the seasgulls had been chasing it away and in it's attempt to escape had flown full speed into the side of the ute and and had thus committed inadvertent suicide. 
Without wanting to be too macarbe, I had to take a picture.

Is it a coincidence that a magpie came to a sad end in a head-to-head contest with a Cat (fan)?
Is it a coincidence that the Magpies are playing the Cats in the Preliminary Final tomorrow night at the MCG?

We'll have to wait and see if the result reflects this "omen"!

Carn the Cats.

NB. I am not celebrating or advocating the killing of magpies, it just happened, and took me completely by surprise. But, when there's a BIG footy game on, I'm open to possibilities!!


Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't mean that Warren has to find a dead cat to photograph and send in time for tomorrow's blog!

Cam said...

Seems the magpie family got their payback tonight.
Bad news ... at least we've got someone to barrack against next weekend.

Gazza played well in his last game for the Cats though

Anonymous said...

Marcus. I think we can safely say it wasn't an omen - but equally it wasn't retribution for the magpie incident which fired them up!

Sorry to see your team bow out. I for one will be on the StK bandwagon for the rest of this year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on our blog. I was sad to miss your farewell, but was there in spirit if not in person.
I saw your new address in Ocean Grove, and will call you around 11 Oct and see if you are up for a visit. We should be around your area at this time, and would love to pop in even if for a brief visit as I suspect you will be busy unpacking etc.

Sorry about the Cats, carn Saints.