Monday, September 27, 2010

9 Days to Go

The Grand Final was a draw! A very tense and exciting draw. 
I'm all for it being replayed. Two Grand Finals are better than one after all!
Best of all, 1000s more real footy fans and members will get the chance to go to the game instead of all the corporate/business/sponsors and people who could afford to pay a couple of thousand dollars for package deals etc. This is a victory for the ordinary everyday footy fan who usually misses out.

Chris came from Esperance for the weekend so we could watch the game and barrack for the Saints together.
We joined the crowd at the Esplanade pub and loved the game and the atmosphere.
Mind you we had to put signs up at the massive garage sale we've been running all weekend: "Closed until after the Grand Final, Carn the Saints"
We've sold heaps of stuff and made over $1000! woohoo!

The Heir came down for the weekend too and brought Spike as far as Bunbury where he's been playing at Sportsfest. We picked him (Spike) up tonight and we went out for dinner at the Thai restaurant, very nice.
Sport Boy left for Country Week in Perth this afternoon and Favourite Daughter had to work tonight so we weren't all there.

We'll have a final family dinner on the 5th when I take Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy up to the airport for their flight to Melbourne. It is just over a week till we move and we have a LOT of work still to do to be ready. The movers will be here this Friday to pick up the furniture!
I've done my last bus run and taxi shift so this week will be devoted to packing and preparing for departure.

I'm having an art sale and auction next weekend at the Esplanade, hoping to sell lots of my pictures. We can't take them all with us and I don't want to leave them in the shed so I'd rather sell them or give them to friends and have them be appreciated rather than collecting dust.

In other move-related news, we have found tenants to rent our house: both of us felt very positive about a lady called Angela who came to look at the house on Friday. Her referees checked out and they can move in as soon as we move out which is really helpful as well.

Everything is falling into place very nicely as we draw closer to the biggest move we've ever made as a family.

In non-move related news, we won the A Grade Volleyball Grand Final on Thursday night. I had a pretty good game in a very close and exciting contest though my back was very sore and by the end of the game was moving very stiffly. It was nice to conclude  my volleyball career in Busselton with a premiership.


Anonymous said...

And we've got about nine hours to go before we head off to Casablanca ( as one does...)
Hope all goes well with the move to Victoria.
I'll miss you guys.

love and more love,


The HoJo's said...

Bon Voyage guys :o)