Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're on our Way

Melbourne Footy Trip

I bought the tickets to Melbourne today!

16 seats on Jetstar, flying from Perth to Melbourne on July 8, returning on July 15.

Like all the other steps in this saga, it wasn't a straight forward process. I had to get a cheque from the school for $4750 cleared immediately as well as gather together all the other payments required to pay the total bill of $6949. The benefits of living in a small town proved useful, the bank manager plays volleyball and I've given his team some coaching and encouragement along the way. For a few brief minutes I had $7000+ sitting in my account before I made the transaction on the net and all returned to normal!

I had to call in a couple of favours to safe-guard the deal, and had a couple of humourous exchanges with Dad on the phone.

Having rung him two days ago to wish him happy birthday I thought I'd put him to the test and wish him happy birthday again and see what happened.
Sounding slightly confused he said, "Has it been a year all ready?"

(On reflection Pop that wasn't a bad response!)

State Youth Games
Favourite Daughter and The Hair have gone to Bunbury for the weekend for the State Youth Games, a huge three day sporting carnival run by the Churches of Christ . The house promises to be quieter and saner in their absence.
It's a long weekend in WA so we've got an extra day to enjoy the serenity.

There may not be too much of that in the morning. There are gale warnings from Mandurah to Albany forecast tonight, basically the whole SW corner of the state is about to be pummelled with wind and rain, right around the time I take Sport Boy to soccer.

The taxi went well tonight, a few less drongos than usual and some good tips.

Soccer coaching duties commence in 6 hours so bed calls.

Sports Update:
Ricky Ponting became the third Australian cricketer in history to score 10,000 test runs tonight, achieving it just after I pulled up in the driveway.

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