Saturday, May 03, 2008

Loyal Customer

I had the same customer in the cab three times tonight and she wasn't happy any of the times.
First she wasn't happy to be going home cause she'd had a fight with her boyfriend.
Then she called again and wasn't happy cause her boyfriend was drunk and asleepso she went back to the pub.
The third time she wasn't happy because the pub had been so disappointing, and she ended up sharing the cab with loud drunken "friends".

I on the other hand was happy to have such a loyal customer.

Two other people recognised me from their time as students at the school, and one of them offered me a spot on their volleyball team!

The rest of the night was quiet and uneventful, punctuated only by the footy on the radio and West Coast losing to the "traitor"-led Blues! Judd jumped ship just in time it seems!

The kid's soccer season starts tomorrow, with both of their teams playing at Margaret River. Sport Boy is jumping out of his skin in excited anticipation of the new season.
Between now and then I need to get as much sleep as I can.

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Anonymous said...

How about Eagor for fashion boy? A faithful, yet somewhat cumbersome spawn who always seeks to do good, in a hamfisted teenage sort of way.