Monday, June 21, 2021

60 in 60 #1

 As an exercise in reflection and in recognition of turning 60 today (!) I am cranking up the long-neglected blog for a series of 60 posts in 60 days (aim high Marcus).

30 posts about people, the other 30 about places, events and accomplishments along the way.

I'll no doubt leave some people out and forget about other important stuff in my life, but, I figure it's better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

So here goes...

1. The most significant event in my life happened in 1985 when I became a Christian. At 24 I had spent a couple of years travelling and living overseas. I had achieved a few of my goals and dreams along the way (see later instalments for details) yet on returning home to Australia realised there was something missing in my life. I didn't know what it was but I was aware of its absence. I had tried plenty of the usual things, and had enjoyed most of them, but they weren't the answer I was looking for. 

I applied for a job at the YMCA in Perth and the interview became one of the most important meetings in my life. 

The bloke who interviewed me for the job was an American called Skip Joannes and he spent a lot more of the time telling me about Jesus than about the job. He told me stuff I'd never heard and never considered and the more he told me, the more my heart and mind opened to the gospel. It took another couple of months of talking and listening and asking questions, (and resisting!) but eventually I came to the conclusion that what I was hearing was true and that left me with two options: ignore what I believed and carry on living the same old life, or accept Christ and start a new life as a follower of Jesus. It's been 36 years since then and although my energy and passion have subsided since those early years of zeal, my faith has not diminished or been dented. Trusting and following God is the most important decision I ever made and one that I have no regrets about. 

NB.  I got the job and worked for the Y for a couple of years. We went to the church Skip pastored, Calvary Chapel Perth, for many years and I grew a great deal as a Christian because of his teaching and mentoring. Skip has long since moved back to the States and we no longer see eye to eye on politics but I will always be grateful to him for sharing his faith with me.

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Love this, looking forward to reading all 60.