Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Other than having to get up and go to work at 5.30 on a cold dark and stormy morning I had an excellent birthday yesterday.
True, not one of the several hundred passengers I picked up wished me a happy birthday, despite it being only a year since my last one, and on that occasion I wore a large "50" badge to signify the event. Never mind. My family all remembered (well nearly all but we won't quibble!)
With Spike now living here, Big Sister having returned from her visit (clean up mission) to Queensland and Mum having come down from the cold at Tatong there were plenty of family members to celebrate with when I got home.
A beautiful roast lamb dinner was prepared, followed by my favourite dessert, chocolate mousse, and a cake without candles with Spike substituting a lighter hovering above it.
I got what I asked for, a book about Geelong's third premiership.
And a surprise from The Heir and Favourite Daughter, a dinner in Melbourne with John Harms, he of The Footy Almanac fame, as guest speaker.
And, by fortuitous circumstance, I got something I've always wanted: a trailer! Spotted on a shopping centre noticeboard, I rang the owner/seller, checked it out on the way home from work, discovered it was excellent in every way, and was able to haggle $50 off the asking price of $300. Brilliant AND a bargain :)
We finished the night off brain-storming 51 one things about me (!) memories, stories, observations etc. A most enjoyable reminiscence.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Perth & back

I'm home again in Ocean Grove after the whirlwind trip to Perth.
I had a great time seeing a heap of people and the "mission" to bring Spike home went very well.
All 6 of the Holt Press family were together under the one roof on Sunday night. 
Thankfully, having arrived home after 1.00am, I had arranged a shift swap and started work at 1.00pm Monday and not 5.52am as originally rostered!
Here's a few pics from the trip.

 Sally Callum & Warren
 The Claremont Share House!!!!!!
 Big Bruce
 The Busso Vets footy team in the wet at Subi

Catching up with Patesy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in WA

It's been a busy 36 hours. I finished work at 10 on Wed night, drove to Melbourne and stayed the night at The Heir's apartment then flew out of Melb for Perth at 6.30 Thurs morning.
Alex picked me up from the airport and helped me collect boxes and gear before dropping me at Claremont.
The last 2 days have been spent packing up and preparing Spike and The Heirs gear in preparation for shipping to Vic. On Sunday Spike and I will fly back to Melb and the whole Holt Press family will be reunited again and living in Victoria. We are naturally pleased and excited at the prospect.
Also squeezed into the last day and a half has been:
Watching St Nick and my former teammates from the Busselton vets footy team playing Mandurah in the curtain raiser at Subi before the Eagles game last night. It was great to see the boys and catch up with a couple of mates.
Last night Letchy, Hugh, Broady and I convened the Breakfast Club and had a great night of talking laughing eating and praying at Broady's place. Our meetings are necessarily irregular these days but always good value. Phil was not there but the big news is that he and his family are returning from Afghanistan shortly to resume life in WA.
I spent this morning hanging out with Letchy before picking up a small truck from Bruce & Paula's neighbour and heading back to Claremont to finish the packing and getting all the boy's gear to the freight company.
Tonight I am staying at Sally & Warren's and we've had an excellent time catching up on one another's news.
It's good to be back in WA for a few days, not because of the place but because of the people. I've loved seeing a number of friends and there are more to see tomorrow night at the mid-season draft BBQ at St Steve's.