Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Planets Align

Once in a while everything falls together at the right time in the right place to create something good.

Like this afternoon.

Mrs Holt Press worked in Torquay this morning. She has started doing some cleaning work after making some connections in the local area. She enjoys it and it provides a break from the family routine and caring for her Dad Alan. 

I finished work just after 2pm, having started at 6am.

We arranged to meet in Torquay for lunch.

On a hunch I rang her Dad and asked if he'd like to come with me to Torquay.

Surprisingly he said yes. Bear in mind he is 93 and has significant disabilities so getting around is a bit of a challenge. 
I said I'd be there in 15 minutes to pick him up.

"I'll be waiting" he replied cheerfully.

We met at a Pizza and Pasta restaurant in the seaside town of Torquay.

Alan worked out that although it was a place the Jones family often went when the kids were young, he hadn't been to Torquay in 33 years.

An even greater revelation was that he had never had a pizza!!

Emboldened by his surprise outing he also decided to try  pizza for the first time.

He had a traditional Aussie pizza: Hawaiian ham and pineapple!!

And he liked it!

On the way home we drove along the beachfront at Torquay. He smiled as he recognized a few familiar sights amidst all the new development and growth, and pointed out the Bowling Club overlooking the ocean.

A simple but very rewarding afternoon.