Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've gotta go to work in 5 min so this will be brief:

Dad is doing very well on his treatment regime.

Bruce and Paula came over for a week of footy and family visits and had a great time.

Bruce has gone on up to Gympie to spend a week with dad.

Vicki is home for a couple of weeks and we went to the footy on Saturday night to see the Cats record another great win to start the season.

Spike is house-sitting for a friend in Bendigo but is possibly heading back to Perth where there is the prospect of a job for him working with a mate.

Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy spent last week at Soul Survivor, a Christian youth festival and had a fantastic time by all accounts.

Both of them have seen a new doctor recently and gotten some clear dianoses of there health problems. Sport Boy looks like he has coeliac (sic?) disease which means NO gluten in any form or quantity, ever.

Mrs HP is busy working, spending time with her Dad and trying to keep the household together.

I've just had 3 days off and went to the footy with Broady who is in town for work for a few days. We went out for dinner afterwards and spent the entire day talking and laughing: I love hanging out with him.

Yesterday I took Vicki and Mum up to Melb to get stuff for the new house etc and we all had dinner with Broady again.

That's my 5 mins.


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Cazza said...

Good to read the updates :-)