Friday, April 26, 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

We've got to go back to Daylesford. Tuesday was a day off so Favourite daughter and I drove up to Bendigo to pick up Spike who had been house-sitting for a friend. Apart from lonliness it had gone well until the two dogs, Boomer and Frog had a massive fight on Saturday night that left both of them covered in blood and Frog requiring urgent attention from a vet. He handled it well in the circumstances but suffice to say Spike was glad to see us when we arrived to collect him. It would have been nice to do more in Bendigo than have lunch and check out a couple of op shops  but we were keen to get to Daylesford, because Daylesford is home to a massive Mill Market, an Aladdin's Cave of all things retro and collectable. I hunted around for an hour and although I didn't find any football badges, I enjoyed seeing all the cool old stuff.
By then it was getting dark and there was no time to have a look at the rest of the town but we all agreed it looked like a really lovely and interesting place and thus we would have to go back again for a better look.
The kids bought coffee and we headed for Geelong where we picked up another trailer load of sleepers and some noodles  for dinner. I've been picking up sleepers from a secret location and cutting them up for firewood with my latest toy, a chain saw! (manly grunts etc). In fact I've acquired enough to sell a few trailer-loads of firewood and still have plenty to keep Mrs HP warm in the coming winter.

I worked today (Public Holiday = double time = $ = :) ) I didn't go to the dawn service but I did enjoy listening to the ANZAC commemorations on the radio before the football. Today was the 98th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. There are no WW1 veterans left and even the WW2 vets are dwindling in number. I wonder how long the ANZAC ceremony will continue to be observed? The continued interest and support of children, young people and the general population suggests it won't cease any time soon which is a good thing but it will seem odd if we are still observing it in 50 or 100 years time.

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