Wednesday, February 13, 2013

World Series Poper

You may have heard that the Pope has resigned. First Pope to do so in 600 odd years apparently. Normally the Pontiff's retirement party features a coffin. Not this time.

My mate Al is a committed Catholic. In fact a few years ago when Pope Benedict visited Australia Al and I went to see him in Sydney (along with a couple of hundred thousand other people).

Upon hearing the news yesterday I sent Al a text.

No more German Shepherd

After a bit of repartee Al came up with the brilliant idea that:

The modern church should hold a "Pope Idol" contest to choose a successor.
He also offered "Pimp my Pope".

I liked the idea and so we started brainstorming Reality Style TV shows to choose the new Pope.

Me:  "The Choice"

Al: "No Queer Eye for the Vatican Guy"

Me:  "Savivor"

Al: venturing away from the reality genre- "How I met your Pope"

Me:  "The Amazing Grace"

Me:  "Masterchief"

Al:  "Two and a half Popes"

Me:   "My Pontiff Rules"

Al:  "Extreme Popeover"

Al:  "Law and Odear we need a new Pope"

Me: "Popey Days"

Me:  "The Vatican wants a Pope"

Me:  "Vatman"

Me:  "The Biggest Pray-er"

Me:  "Dancing with the Cardinals"

Al:  "So You think you're Infallible"

and my personal favourite

"World Series Poper", with the tagline  "Just gotta play the Cards right"

We kept ourselves amused for over an hour!

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Peter said...

No more VW Popemobile, Who says the Pope must be Catholic?,