Monday, February 04, 2013

What are you trying to do? Kill me?

My body is in a state of shock.

No, not as a result of the COATC Diet.*

Rather because it was subjected to two hours of strenuous exercise today at a footy umpires training day!
They warned those of us unused to physical exercise that we might pay for our exertions tomorrow.
My body decided not to wait that long!

Mrs Holt Press kindly rubbed some Elmore Oil (snake oil?) into my back to deal with the worst of it.

Tomorrow could be unpleasant although mercifully I don't start work till after 3.

That in turn means I can watch the Superbowl in the morning. Go Ravens! (Sorry Paul if you're reading this!)

* Diet update: I am doing pretty well in avoiding all those sweet and tasty things that I used to indulge in but need to add exercise to the regime to start burning away the accumulated layers of fat. My good mate Birchy has had a lot of success with the "Every Other Day Diet" and has sent me some notes on it to encourage me to give it a go. (Thanks Birchy).
The Biggest Winner is up and running at work with 6 of us participating. A small but none-the-less encouraging beginning. 

I have a backlog of blog posts to write but having gotten out of the habit of regular blogging it is not so easy to get back into it. Also our internet connection regularly fails despite the big bucks we pay for it. 

The main "event" of the last few weeks was Pop's visit. He ventured south from Gympie and stayed with us for about a week during which time we did some really good things, which I intend to blog about once I get the pictures uploaded. 

Mrs HP's Dad was in hospital for a few weeks after a couple of falls but he has returned home now with an increased level of care and support.

Sport Boy has gone back to school for the start of the new year.

The Heir finally got justice in a dispute with his former employer thanks to the aid of Fair Work Australia.

Favourite Daughter is having on-going health struggles but has had 2-3 photography jobs recently and is going into a partnership with a friend taking photos.

And Spike is planning to come back to Victoria shortly. Things haven't worked out as well as he hoped back in WA and he too has health problems which will be helped by having some stable accommodation and the love and support of his family.

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