Thursday, February 09, 2012


I've got two days off so I've borrowed a trailer from Chris next door and come up to Mum's place at Tatong.
You know Tatong!
Minute speck on the map 29 km east of Benalla, up a steep winding dirt road!
Northern Victoria, 2 hours from Melbourne on the Hume Hwy.
Yeah, that Tatong.

You know I like to maximise the use of my time so as well as visiting Mum in her new home I'm also picking up The Heir and Spike's stuff that was shipped over here with Mum's stuff when she moved from WA. Rumour has it the boys will be here in Feb and March respectively though healthy scepticism is entirely forgivable...they were originally coming for Christmas, then for new year, then for late Januuary, then mid- February, etc, etc!
If and when they arrive they'll need their gear, thus the trailer.

As a surprise I arranged to bring Allan and Lorna, lifelong friends of Mum and Dad up with me. They were delighted for the invitation and were waiting at the door when I arrived after finishing work last night.

As a surprise to me, Vicki rang a few days ago and said she'd like to come too and could I pick her up from the airport on the way through. Of course I was rapt at that news and adjusted my plans accordingly. Vicki flew in at 7.35 and we collected her from Tullamarine abot 9.00, having used copious wads of paper towelling to cushion the tow ball and trailer hitch from rattling when we drove above 90kmh.

Mum was expecting me but had no idea about the three surprise guests and we staggered our entrance upon arrival, me first, Vicki a couple of minutes later and Allan and Lorna shortly after. It worked a treat and Mum was overjoyed to see everyone. One minor hitch was a surprise at our expense: Mum's friend Mona was still here. We all thought she was leaving yesterday to return to Bridgetown. The only issue being the extra squeeze on beds and sleeping arrangements but we managed to sort it out and everyone had a place to sleep.

It was quite a long drive after a 13 hour work day but Lorna kept us all entertained and alert, though even she started to flag as midnight approached.

Mum's place is lovely and situated on the side of a hill with beautiful views in every direction. We drove up the final steep road in the dark which was probably a good thing for Lorna's nerves.

We'll get a better look shortly when we take Mona into Benalla to catch her train to Melbourne.

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Peter said...

Have you changed your hair colour? I've heard its blondes who have more fun!!!