Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Heir Has Arrived

Our eldest child, The Heir, has moved from Perth to Victoria. He arrived early Monday morning and was picked up at the airport by Favourite Daughter. She is pretty happy to have her big brother on the scene, so much so that for the second night in a row they have gone to melbourne to see live bands. Last night it was Death Cab for Cutie, tonight, Matt Corby.

That just leaves Spike remaining in WA. He will be joining us on the 17th of March, but only for three months instead of the permanent move we were anticipating. The reason? He has fallen in love and doesn't want to move away from his girlfriend. Fair enough. We'll just have to make the most of the three months we have him for.

There is a veritable gathering of the clan back to our ancestral home happening at the moment.

Further to my Mum relocating to the little town of Tatong in northern Victoria following the sale of her house in Bridgetown, my sister Vicki has also begun her relocation. Having left Wudinna in South Australia, her home for the last 30 years, Vicki is looking for a house to buy in Victoria. Most likely somewhere in the Geelong area which suits me just fine! We looked at a few houses with her over the weekend. She hasn't found the right one yet but she's getting closer.

Now if we could only dislodge our renegade father from his northern abode and lure him south again ...

I'm a dreamer, I live in hope.

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Peter said...

You don't live in hope.... you live in *#%*! Victoria, you know... the one with the climate!!!!!!