Friday, January 20, 2012

Everyone's Home Again

My week off is racing by, only 3 days till I go back to work, with a week of early starts to look forward to: think 5.30!
I picked Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy up from the airport on Wednesday night, having spent the day at the tennis in Melbourne. I missed out on seeing Roger Federer but made up for it by getting in to see Bernard Tomic win his 2nd round game. 
They (Mrs HP and SB) are happy to be home and I'm happy to have them back.

Last night Sport Boy and I went back to Melbourne for our first taste of Twenty 20 cricket in the Big Bash League. We missed a train and as the next one would get us to Melbourne 40 minutes late we decided to drive. Bad decision! Not only was the traffic extra heavy with both cricket and tennis happening but the MCG in their "wisdom" closed the car park at Jolimont despite there being plenty of available space. A frustrated lap of the block followed by a diversion to Burnley ensued before we caught a train back to Richmond! We therefore arrived in time only to see the last two overs of the first innings! Despite the irritation we enjoyed the game which moved along at a rapid pace, punctuated with music, fireworks, shooting flames and crowd involvement. 

After the cricket we raced across the road to Melbourne Park to catch the last of the tennis on the big screen in the garden area. Lleyton Hewitt was playing Andy Roddick.Just when I managed to get a couple of tickets to Rod Laver Arena from some departing patrons  Roddick retired hurt and the match was over! Good to see the Aussie win but disappointing not to be inside to see it played out.
Have I mentioned before how much I like living close to Melbourne?

By the time we caught a train back to Burnley, retrieved the car, found our way through Port Melbourne to the West Gate Bridge and got on the road we didn't get home to Ocean Grove until about 1am; next time we'll take the train even if it means being late!

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Merle said...

Hi Marcus, Carolyn and Paul
Thanks you so much for the welcome home message and it sure is good to be home after 47 days in hospital.Still very weak so have to do lots of physio and exercises at home which
hopefully to where I was.
Love to you all, Merle.