Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chris' Night at the Australian Open

My friend Chris splurged on a package deal for the tennis and has been to the 1/4 finals, semi-finals and is right now at the men's final.  Rafael Nadal is fighting hard to stay in the match as I write.

Chris sent me a couple of emails that so captured the mood and excitement of her experience of the match between Novak Djokavic and Andy Murray in the semi-final that I asked her permission to re-post them on my blog.

Here they are:

What a battle and the crowd was amazing, lots of singing all night, at the end everyone cheered novak, poms and serbs alike, everyone walked out of the arena with a smile on their face, even andy. That was special, very special.novak was gone for all money in the third, appeared to be exhausted, then he came back  the final set was extraordinary, people jumping out of their seats after every point, poms singing serbs singing then an almighty eruption and a very long standing ovation. Even Julia and the First Bloke stayed in the arena. The serbs all gathered outside and sang all the way to the Gee carpark. Then this fabulous drumming outfit were in the tunnel between Rod Laver and the Gee, what a night, never been to such an event where everyone was just in awe. Fancy Rod Laver himself being there. Noval just so gracious and humble in victory. As bruce would say......we saw something s..p...e...c...i..a..l
Melbourne can sure turn it on., got home about 2.30
You'd sell your family jewels to have an experience like that.
What am i going to do today??????

Obviously the excitement had not worn off by the following morning...

Hi there

I had a night I'll remember for a very long time last night at Rod Laver Arena, mens semi, 5 hrs 10 mns Scotland andy murray vs novak jokovich from serbia. Amazing game, 2 warriors incredibly hot night, felt like broome, fabulous crowd, lots of singing, a really good feel about it. Best game i've seen and best atmosphere, the noise was deafening between every point. Both men collapsed into each others arms a the end and kind of held each other up. I was surrounded by poms, serbs, russians, malaysians, everyone talking to each other in little bits of english, i sat beside a lovely lady from Russia and er husband, here for the tennis, just fabulous. Julia and the First Bloke were there. At the end we all just stood and roared, no one moved for ages, including Julia as the warriors had their big hug. I followed a big bunch of Serbs back to the Gee carpark and they sang all the way, flags waving, lots of blokes in tartan skirts ( they look very nice too)

Then to top it all off there was a fabulous drumming band outside the Gee playing up a storm at 2 oclock in the morning..........just imagine that happening in Perth....not likely, there'd be some sort of law against it for sure!! It was just one of those magic nights, worth mortgaging the house for

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