Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Food and The Guests

We had a really good night last night.

The girl at the restaurant apologised profusely for spoiling the surprise.

The food was great (except for the seafood salad which was overpowered by coriander).

The guests were Mrs HP's cousins Fran and Edwina with respective husbands Bruce and Greg, and Sue, a new friend at church.

In the interests of self preservation I can't tell you what I gave Mrs HP for her birthday* but the line of the night came from Sport Boy when we got home:

"Well you dodged a bullet there Dad"


"No-one asked you what you gave Mum for her birthday!"

* Nothing dodgy just something that could be misinterpreted! In case you're wondering/worried, she loves it.


Cam said...

You didn't give her a vacuum cleaner did you ...

Julie said...

Well Carolyn another birthday hope it was great and that you enjoyed your present.
Marcus I want to email you can you send me the address please I am coming for the dogs/cats game in june Julie