Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bon Voyage Mrs Holt Press

Mrs HP is going to Bruny Island tomorrow to spend a few days with her brother Ray and help him with a big function he's catering for, something to do with an opera company. Bruny is on the south coast of Tasmania, nearer to Antarctica than Brisbane. I don't know that for a fact but I reckon seeing as I just made it up it's probably right. Suffice to say it is colder than here and Mrs HP has a long-established aversion to cold weather so I'm hoping she'll be OK.
Ray runs a cafe/restaurant on Bruny, the only establishment of its type on the whole island I believe, a Brunopoly if you will.
She has been issuing me with instructions and directions for the safe management of the household and supervision of Sport Boy over the last several days in preparation for her absence. I have been paying careful attention ...
On the plus side she has cooked and prepared several meals which are now in the freezer. She is entrusting me with the responsibilty of taking them out of the freezer and placing them in the microwave. I hope I don't let her down.
She'll be away for 5 days and hopefully, apart from the work at the cafe, will have a nice break from regular routines and spend a bit of time with her brother and some of his family.
Sport Boy and I will content ourselves with going to the footy on Friday night for the Cats first game of the season. Geelong v St Kilda, a pretty tough opening round fixture.

Tomorrow is Favourite Daughter's 22nd birthday. I can still remember her 21st birthday like it was last year, time goes quicker and quicker...
FD is back in WA, working, being with her friends and getting ready for a couple of weddings so we can't celebrate with her. I know Mum/Nan took her out for lunch today in Busselton which is not a bad substitute. Needless to say I hope she has a really lovely day.

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