Monday, February 21, 2011

Off to Adelaide on the Train

One of the many things I like about my job is that every 22 weeks I get a rostered week off, and this week's the week! In fact, with a weekend at the start and a Tuesday re-start I actually have 10 days off.
 I didn't have any specific plans for it but a speculative text to my sister Vicki which revealed that she will be in Adelaide this week has prompted me to book a train ticket to the city of churches. I board The Overlander at 9.45 tomorrow morning and arrive in Adelaide at 5.45 tomorrow afternoon. I'll have 3-4 days with Vicki before coming back on either Friday or Saturday. 

Another of the benefits of the job is that I get free travel on just about all public transport in Victoria, including on V-Line services to Adelaide! However, the V-Line service runs mostly by coach and I really love and prefer trains for longer distances so I've bought a ticket for the trip over on Great Southern Rail and will probably use the freebie on the way back.
I want to be back by Saturday night so I can go to the footy at Docklands, the Cats are playing old enemies the Saints in the 2nd round of the NAB Cup. I went to the round robin games against North Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs at Kardinia Park yesterday. It was great to be at the footy and see the Cats for the first time this season. The NAB Cup doesn't mean much except that the real thing is getting closer.

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