Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day Out on Day Off

I've got the day off and am about to go and renew my love/hate relationship with golf. I used to play a lot but I gave it up after realising golf is not a game but rather a source of frustration. I had a game a couple of months ago for Sport Boy's birthday and remembered why I gave it up, but also that there are pleasant aspects to it if you get your head right. (And your grip, and your stance and your backswing...hahaha) 
One benefit is getting some exercise. Not exactly aerobic but at least a good couple of hours of walking. 
This is important because I made a declaration last week that "I need to lose some weight". 

Foolishly I made it in front of the family and they have taken me seriously. 
Evening meals are now being prepared from weight loss inspired cook books. 

Having bitten the bullet I'm taking it one (foolish) step further and declaring it to the blogosphere, or at least to the very tiny echelon inhabited by Holt Press and it's small but hopefully loyal band of readers. The plural may be more optimistic than realistic in that last sentence, especially as my blogging output has diminished significantly over the last few months. 

Anyway, for what it's worth, I am declaring here and now on this here blog that I am setting an initial weight loss target of 10kg. That would bring me down to 100kg!
I was honestly stunned when I asked the doctor who did a medical check-up for my job here in Vic what my ideal weight should be and she said I was 20kg overweight!!! I know I'm overweight but I would never have said by that much. I still don't really believe her but the jury is out I guess. (It's a close run thing clearly, my personal opinion and hurt feelings against her medical degree and years of practice) 
I'll aim for 10 and see how I feel.

The two obvious strategies for weight loss are eat less and exercise more. (Always was good at stating the obvious!)
I'm proud/amazed to report that in the last week I have not eaten any chocolate, or cakes/slices, or biscuits, or pizza, or hamburgers, or chips..... or lollies or.....wait for it.....the big cream!!!! Wow, talk about sacrifice!
I have to battle the mid shift cravings and I spent most of the inward and outward route 34 yesterday, mentally justifying the one small bar of dark chocolate I was going to buy at the 7-11 in town! Inspiration saved me when I pulled up in Highton and dropped in to say a quick g'day to Auntie Kath instead (Mrs HP's Auntie) instead.
Good deed done and no chocolate bought/eaten/enjoyed/devoured!

I have a wicked sweet tooth so foregoing all of these regular treats even for a week is no mean feat. I have been loading up on fruit as compensation. Grapes, cherries and nectarines. I love stone fruit season.
I'm taking it a day at a time but hopefully each day without excess sugar and fat will pay dividends. I've also cut back a bit on lunches and fortuitously discovered a range of cheap "Lean Cuisine" meals at the NQR store up the road. I can't categorically say they are beneficial but the servings are moderate and tasty and make me feel good about myself  and I'm spending less to boot!

And now to add to my growing sense of calorie deprived smugness I'm going out to get some (gentle) exercise.
Hopefully there will be encouraging updates in the weeks ahead as I report on my weight loss! Hopefully!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics from a day off last week when we went on a family adventure that took us to Lal Lal Falls and Ballarat where a good time was had by all.

Check out the pair of hotties in Buninyong. Note the newly tie-dyed top Favourite Daughter is wearing, and she says she's not a hippy!!

Movie Review Alert

I've seen a few films recently. Here are their Holt Press ratings out of 5:

The King's Speech ***** Brilliant, without fault, Firth and Rush superb
True Grit ***1/2 Decent rendition of the John Wayne original. "Fill your hands you son of a ....."
The Fighter **** Christian Bale will pip Geoffry Rush for the Oscar I think. True story.
Black Swan ** Great performance by Natalie Portman but a disturbing and unpleasant film
Unstoppable ***1/2 Not a train wreck haha. Another true story and I'm a sucker for those.
The Next Three Days ***1/2 Russell Crowe action jail break for "justice"
Faster ** Violent retribution vehicle for DuaneJohnson but a couple of good moments 
#NB I only went to this because it was cheap Tuesday and they wanted to still charge $19 for The Green Hornet in 3D!!


The HoJo's said...

Sounds like a good start! You can make mixed bags of nuts and seeds that taste quite sweet and are a great substitute for a naughty nibble, I'm not pretending I am a health freak though :o).

Good luck with the 10kg


wv is stroly in keeping with the walking.

Anonymous said...

Giday mate,
Good luck with the weight loss. You will feel better, but the key is to change the way you live so it's permanent.
I love the every other day diet because of 3 main reasons
1) You can still eat some of those treats you like, rather than total cut out
2) By reducing your total calorie intake like you are doing, you metabolism nose dives and makes weight loss harder, so the e.o.d diet keeps high and so in the end you burn off more fat.
Just google every other day diet, or email geoff westlake for more info
3) The exercise program only takes 7 mins per day, easy.
Hope you find something that works.

Anonymous said...

Good decision porky.


Peter said...

Sorry to hear of your passing Marcus..
That's the only way you could spend a week without all that good stuff.

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ best of luck with the
weight loss -- your health will improve if you stick to it.
BTW you see more films than anyone I know. Take care, Love to all the family, Merle.