Friday, December 18, 2009

Ideas & Possibilities

School's out, Sport Boy is on holidays, Summer is really here.

I had an official farewell from the school yesterday, along with the many other staff who are leaving or moving on. I've even almost finished clearing out
my office! Dealing with 16 years of accumulation has been a BIG job.

I have applied for a few jobs but haven't got one yet, so it's just the odd taxi shifts bringing in any income at present. For the first time in a long ti
me I'm not driving on a Friday night, instead I have a shift starting at tomorrow, hopefully it will be a busy Saturday night in Busso.

Tonight I'm going round to Dave's to watch a NY Giants NFL game he recorded for me last week.

We're thinking of having a garage sale tomorrow, we've certainly got plenty of stuff to get rid of, especially since I've been clearing out the office, it's just a matter of energy to get it set up.

I have just printed up a couple of hundred flyers to do a letter box drop for a little business idea I've been thinking about for a while. It's called FUN BINS, a mobile rubbish bin decorating service! I recently brightened up our big (boring) green bin using brightly coloured adhesive vinyl and it has attracted a bit of attention. For $20 or $35 for two I'll come to your home and decorate your bins in the colours/designs of your choice! Hopefully people will like the idea of adding a bit of colour to the neighbourhood on bin day! email me at if you'd like to give your bin a makeover!

Next job is to set up an art exhibition for January.

Meanwhile with finances getting pretty tight we are reviewing our plans to go to Esperance for Christmas. We still want to go but if I can find some work before then I'll need to take it.


The HoJo's said...

Fun bins is a brilliant idea!

The price list for your pics got 'misfiled' in the last move around, would you like to provide some tickets we can put up? or at least a new list. Hope the sale goes well, if you get a round-tuit.


Anonymous said...

Re the bins
Do you charge more if they smell as bad as ours does?

Wherever you and the family are for Xmas, have a happy time.
Hope the new year is a new start in many ways.

Love, Sal, Woz, Callumazoozle and Meeb