Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Ditty

Our bags are packed
We're ready to go
Will we make it?
I don't know

The Yaris will make it
No problems there
The Kombi's the vehicle
Running on prayer

Favourite Daughter is home
And wants to take the Vee Dub
As a test run for when
She takes off for the scrub

The battery was stone dead
When we tried starting it up
The jumper leads burnt out
Maybe a push start...nup!

A transplant was called for
Pop the bonnet on my wagon
Disconnect the battery and
Replace the one that's flaggin'

Hook it up, turn the key
It burst instantly to life
With some luck and some prayer
Hope there's no more strife

Esperance here we come
Turquoise ocean is awaiting
A friend's house to stay in
Good for peace and contemplating

A long trip to get there
Two cars in a convoy
One for Mrs Holt Press and I
The other for FD and Sport Boy

Spike is staying home
To work and to ...........
Hmm let's not give him ideas
Just hope he's hale and hearty

Merry Christmas everybody
Readers, family, friends
2009 like this verse
Is fast coming to an end

A good year for the Cats
And for my family
Will 2010 be as good?
We'll have to wait and see

God bless you all
at the Saviour's birth
Good fun and good cheer
And peace on earth


Peter said...

Your Grandfather and I applaud your rhythmic ability.... you do dance don't you????

Marcus said...

Thanks Pop and No I don't except on very special and private occasions.