Sunday, December 01, 2013


Has Winter finally ended? Has Summer actually started? It's hard to tell with this one day to the next weather pattern but it has been a HOT day today. Sleeping tonight may be a challenge. Thank goodness for the overhead fan.

Today is a momentous day at Holt Press: My Favourite Daughter has moved out of home. (Again) It's true she has moved out a few times before but this one seems significant. The last 12 months have seen a lot of changes and lots of good outcomes for FD. Her health issues are much more under control and she now has energy on a consistent basis. She is about to commence study in a Diet & Nutrition course in Melbourne next year. There is a steadily increasing amount of work in her photography business. She's awaiting the arrival of her new camera, bought on ebay from Canada. She has sold the Kombi and paid off her debts. She has lovely straight teeth after a year of Invisiline treatment. And now she has moved into a cool share house in Melbourne with 7 other young cool people! I helped her with the move today. I will miss having her around as much and will look forward to her visits, however frequent they are. I am proud of all she's accomplished and the future she is building for herself.
After the move I went to my first A _League game of the season: Melbourne Heart v Adelaide United. By the time I found a park (with trailer in tow) and got to the ground Heart were 2-0 down and looking like continuing their 5 match losing streak. But in a rousing 2nd half they came back via two stunning goals then took the lead via a dubiously awarded penalty for handball. Adelaide gained some justice with a deflected equaliser and the game finished 3-3.

Mrs Holt Press and I went to the annual Christmas Dinner for work last night and enjoyed the night out. FD Started an interesting comparison and dialogue regarding it on Facebook last night. You can see for yourself here.
I put together a few puzzles & games for the night which went over quite well but the big hit of the night was my re-worked version of The 12 Days of Christmas at Benders. I roped in three volunteer "singers" and we gave a rousing rendition after dinner.

Tottenham v Manchester United has just started on TV which is my cue to sign off!
After a humiliating 6-0 thrashing by Manchester City last week I'm hoping for a much better performance tonight.

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