Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Other than having to get up and go to work at 5.30 on a cold dark and stormy morning I had an excellent birthday yesterday.
True, not one of the several hundred passengers I picked up wished me a happy birthday, despite it being only a year since my last one, and on that occasion I wore a large "50" badge to signify the event. Never mind. My family all remembered (well nearly all but we won't quibble!)
With Spike now living here, Big Sister having returned from her visit (clean up mission) to Queensland and Mum having come down from the cold at Tatong there were plenty of family members to celebrate with when I got home.
A beautiful roast lamb dinner was prepared, followed by my favourite dessert, chocolate mousse, and a cake without candles with Spike substituting a lighter hovering above it.
I got what I asked for, a book about Geelong's third premiership.
And a surprise from The Heir and Favourite Daughter, a dinner in Melbourne with John Harms, he of The Footy Almanac fame, as guest speaker.
And, by fortuitous circumstance, I got something I've always wanted: a trailer! Spotted on a shopping centre noticeboard, I rang the owner/seller, checked it out on the way home from work, discovered it was excellent in every way, and was able to haggle $50 off the asking price of $300. Brilliant AND a bargain :)
We finished the night off brain-storming 51 one things about me (!) memories, stories, observations etc. A most enjoyable reminiscence.

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Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ Glad you had a great birthday and got some things you wanted. You must put out good clues. Thank you again for coming up to my birthday. Obviously your car was still safe at the supermarket. Peace and Love, erle.