Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recent News

My thoughts were with my good mate Phil and his family yesterday afternoon following the recent death of his mother, Joy. The funeral was held in Perth on Saturday and I really wish I could have been there. Phil's dad, Malcolm, died just over a year ago. I didn't know them very well at all but I am feeling for my mate in his grief and sadness. It is a reminder too that my own parents are getting older and whether we like it or not, closer to the end of their lives. Confronting mortality will be a new experience when the time comes.
(Don't worry Pop, I'm not expecting you to go any time soon, but it is a reminder all the same.)

For the first time since we moved back to Victoria I wasn't able to go to the footy to watch Geelong today. Another driver did a shift for me a few months ago so I could go to my nephew's wedding and today he needed the day off to go to a Christening. I couldn't refuse, even though I hated missing the footy. I spent a somewhat tense and nervous afternoon driving passengers around Geelong with my eyes on the road and my ears on the radio. After a close and scrappy tussle the Cats emerged with a 10 point win. Not altogether convincing but a win is a win.

Spike has only been back in Perth for a week but it seems like things have changed significantly for him and there is a good chance he too may soon make a "permanent" move to this side of the country. We would love that. It was great to have him here for a few weeks and we'd love to have all the family back closer together.

I was stirred out of my slothful existence on Saturday morning with the return of local football and the resumption of my second job: Footy umpire. I umpired two games at Ocean Grove, the 16's v Bell Park and the 18's v Geelong Amateur with my co-umpy, a girl called Jess. I was pretty sore and tired by the end but buoyed by unsolicited feedback from two different people, both from the losing team, that we had done a great job. They had gone out of their way to come and tell us how well we'd done so I felt pretty chuffed. The combination of some forced exercise and a little extra income make it worthwhile.

Mrs Holt Press is taking a well earned break next month and going back to WA for a short visit. She's looking forward to catching up with friends and family in Perth and Busselton for a week while I mind the fort and supervise domestic operations. (Note to self, get number for Domino's).

The ebay enterprise is still going strong, I sold another 5 footy cards today for a total of $110!

I have a 5.31 start in the morning, my first really early shift for several weeks so I'm not complaining but I do need to go to bed so the 4.30 alarm won't be too horrendous.


Rosie said...

Hey Marcus, just thought I would let you know I stopped by I do occasionally. Your blog is still a good read and it is good to hear how you are all going. We will be thinking about you all at the reunion...but of course we would have loved you to be able to be here. Say hi to Carolyn and the kids. Rosie

Peter said...

Glad to hear that you recognize my mortality Marcus, I quit buying green bananas a while back.