Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick Updates

Australia lost the Rugby World Cup semi-final to New Zealand this evening which means one thing: Come on the All-Blacks in the final v France.

We are one week into an "experiment": home-schooling Sport Boy this term. So far so good. I took him to the Immigration Museum in Melbourne on Friday for his first excursion. Unprompted by me he wrote three pages of notes on the experience. Mrs Holt Press is doing most of the "teaching" and is enjoying and managing  it well.

I have two more days of work before having 6 days off so I can go to Perth for Bruce & Paula's wedding next weekend. As well as the family gathering and celebration there'll be time to squeeze in Breakfast Club, the CFFL Winner's Dinner and a trip to Busselton for a house inspection. It will be good to see The heir and Spike too, both of whom are planning to move to Victoria with us at the end of the year.

Favourite Daughter has an interview on Tuesday at the School of Photography where she is hoping to study next year.We'll see what develops!

I have been busy framing some of my pictures tonight so I can enter them in an art exhibition in Ocean Grove in a couple of weeks time.

I applied for a job this week. I am happy enough at the Bus company but an interesting position was advertised so I thought I'd check it out. I won't give any details at the moment other than it probably better suits my skills and experience. I'll let you know if I get the job.

I have stopped wearing my Geelong jumper and have gone three days without watching the Grand Final replay!

Tottenham are currently 1-1 with Newcastle United, come on Spurs.

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St Steve said...

Marcus, School of Photography ... see what develops! As a dad I appreciate your way with words LOL