Sunday, September 11, 2011

Footy, Friends and Art

I've been on a massive high all day as a result of Geelong's fantastic win over Hawthorn in the first round of the finals last night. Sport Boy and I went to the game with a mate from Perth, Warren. Great seats, great company, great game and a great result. The Cats were brilliant and now proceed straight to the preliminary final with a week off. Our most likely opponents will be the old foe, the West Coast  Eagles. I can't wait.

 There was also a small gathering of CFFL coaches celebrating the Cat's Whiskers premiership win last week over Letchy's Redbacks. L-R Cat's Whiskers, Reigning Poms, Bayswater Breeze.

 Tracey and Mrs HP holding her birthday present.

This afternoon Mrs Holt Press and I went up to Melbourne for the joint birthday celebration of her best friend from school, Tracey and her husband Neil. He is an artist and she works in artist development and promotion so there house is like a little gallery.
I loved it. Neil's artwork is fantastic and they have an eclectic collection of other paintings, sculptures, furniture and glassware as well. Despite not having lived in Victoria for 25 years, Tracey and Mrs HP are very close and are enjoying being able to see more of one another, along with Tracey's sister Belinda.

This portrait by Neil earned a placed in the final 30 for the Archibald Prize, Australia's best known portrait competition.
Most impressive of all is that Neil is entirely self taught!

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