Sunday, June 12, 2011

Footy and Family

I'm still recovering from the footy last night, another great game, another thrilling finish, another narrow win for the Cats who are now 11-0 on top of the ladder and breaking all sorts of records.
As we were walking out of the MCG Sport Boy said to me with a straight face, "Dad, the footy's getting a bit boring...Geelong win every game and the margin is always less than a goal". Cheeky!
I have already said to him we should be thankful we are living in a time of such football richness, most fans don't get to see their team win every week and the days will come when the Cats start to lose regularly. 
But until then, we are enjoying the footy immensely.

 Last week I took Mum up to Shepparton on one of my day's off so we could visit Auntie Merle. Merle hasn't been in the best of health recently but seemed quite bright and happy while we were there. My cousin John and partner Heather dropped in to say g'day. When we were kids many of our school holidays were spent at Nathalia with Nanny "Falia" and our cousins the Gallaghers, John, Geoff, Julie and Kathryn. I have many special and happy memories of Nathalia, a small town in the Goulburn Valley between Shepparton and Echuca on the Murray River.
Last weekend my stepmother Julie came down to Geelong so we could go to the Cats v Bulldogs game together. All of her family are Footscray/Western Bulldogs fans and they usually get together and go to this game each year, but for some strange reason all the Bulldogs fans found reasons not to attend this year! Maybe something to do with what a lousy season the Dogs are having but that didn't stop me sending a message that they are all lacking in loyalty and like rats deserting a sinking ship!
The Cats had a 10 goal win which Julie, The Heir and I enjoyed very much. The Heir was over for a week to visit Grandpa Jones who has been very ill the last few weeks although I'm pleased to say he has improved significantly the last few days.

 After one of Sport Boy's soccer games a couple of weeks ago, in Ballarat, we went to visit Mrs Holt Press' Auntie Joan who lives nearby. We were invited to stay for lunch and ended up having a lovely visit that lasted all afternoon. Joan is a bit eccentric and a lot of fun and seemed to really enjoying seeing us.
Don't let that disapproving expression fool you.

There is a very significant event looming in the Holt Press world: my 50th birthday on June 21.
In honour of this great occasion a number of family and friends are flying in from around the country to help celebrate on the weekend. There will be a Birthday BBQ lunch on Saturday followed by a trip to the footy at the MCG on Saturday night to see the Cats play the Saints. I'm really looking forward to it as you can imagine. If any readers would like to join us please come along!


The HoJo's said...

I don't think we'll make it, but we will be there in spirit :o)

Peter said...

Who was it that said "Only a bloody volcano will stop me"... Oh yeah, that was me!!!!