Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comings and Goings

There has been a shift in the "balance of power" in the Holt Press home of late. 
Favourite Daughter has returned from her sojourn to WA for weddings and such. She has brought her friend Toni: the two of them crossed the continent in the Kombi which is proving to be a most dependable vehicle.
And to fully complete the package, Mum has arrived for a visit.
Suddenly Sport Boy and I are out-numbered and the house is awash with females.
Mrs Holt Press is not complaining, especially as she has been fully occupied for the last few weeks tending to her Dad. He has been in hospital with a succession of issues, most of which have improved to the point where he may go home again soon.
Meanwhile, Mrs HP is booked to make a short visit back to WA next week, her Dad's health permitting.
She had an unused air ticket as a result of the move back to Victoria and booked a trip "home" to coincide with The Heir's birthday. We'll have to wait and see whether she can go or not.
Sport Boy has a trip to WA in the July school holidays which he is really looking forward to.
He has started the soccer season with North Geelong in the U14 A Division which involves playing against teams from Melbourne every second weekend as well as Ballarat. After two losses they won their first game last weekend so we were all very pleased and relieved.
He is home from school today with a cold.
Mum has caught the train and bus up to Echuca to spend a weekend with her grandchildren (Shannon's kids) and is then having a reunion with a schoolfriend, Irene who she hasn't seen in over 50 years: they are both very excited at the prospect.
Favourite Daughter and Toni have gone for a drive down the Great Ocean Road for the day.
I've got a late start today and am currently doing as much overtime as I can to ease some financial pressures. When I'm not working I'm enjoying going to the footy. Last week's win over Collingwood was an absolute thriller. Beating the Magpies is always good but this one was even sweeter considering both teams went into the game undefeated.
The Cats play Carlton at Docklands on Friday night which will be Favourite Daughter's first game of the season. It will be an emotional game following the death of Geelong legend Bob Davis this week. I'm hoping to attend his funeral on Tuesday.
Winter has arrived in Victoria! We've had the fire going the last couple of nights which provides very welcome comfort against the cold.

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